AI-Assisted Discovery
& Exploitation of
vulnerable assets

Our tooling uses the industry standard PTES to discover and assess
your organizations security posture. Every phase of the engagement is utilizing
our ML based system to better assist our consultants in effectively finding bugs.
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Clear & Concise

IT Managers and Executives utilize our reports to better understand the
evolving attack surface area and how to implement remediation.
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Continuously Securing
Digital Assets

Our continuous approach allows for organizations of all sizes
to enable better security awareness through collection and
distribution of security data.
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Web Application Testing

Testing for XSS, SQLi, WAF Bypass, CSRF, Local and Remote Code Execution.

Vulnerability Assessments

Using the latest Scan Engines we find vulnerabilities hanging around in your environment.


Helping companies make the decisions needed in modern enterprises. We embed ourselves into your organization and work with you daily to drive impact.

External Network Penetration Testing

Wide Area Network attacks such as External Port Scanning and External Host Identification and finally Host Exploitation.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

We test from within your perimeter and all potential SaaS trust boundaries. Once on the network, we test the level of hardening, finding server misconfigurations and Network Segmentation.

Controlled Engagements

Direct control of your security consultants and their time is critical. If there is not in-house team to help you secure, we can fill that gap for your business!

Emerging TTPs

Our consultants find and leverage the latest bugs and exploits for various vendors and platforms. This expertise allows us to find the holes in your defenses and make a plan and take the necessary measures before a real APT leverages them against you.


Our detailed report defines the details of the engagement, defines a remediation plan and will help implement remediation.

Potential lateral movement around your network could be devastating!

We utilize each engagement as an opportunity to offer a Internal Penetration Test. This allows us on your network where we simulate a breach in progress. Rest assured after through testing all endpoints internally are hardened.

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Vulnerability Assessments vs a Penetration Test?

Vulnerability Assessments are good for companies that want a high level understanding of the risks in their environment.

Penetration Testing is good when risk is unknown for a new product or infrastructure. Both Application and Network Penetration testing allows for full understanding of impact due to risks found in the Vulnerability Assessments.

All of our Penetration Tests have a Vulnerability analysis phase that mimics our methodology for Vulnerability Assessments.

WHY Secure?

Threat Actors evolve monthly, so should your defenses!

Emerging threats are overwhelming to defend against! Our tools and techniques enable defenders to encounter these advanced tactics before a real incident occurs.

Continuous AI-Assisted Cyber Security

We start all of our engagements using our AI-Assisted approach to assess hardening within your enterprise network.