AI-Assisted Discovery
& Exploitation of
vulnerable assets

Our scan engine uses industry standard tooling to discover and assess hardening.
Once your surface area is analyzed our AI-Assisted Active Exploitation begins.
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Clear & Concise

Organized sortable data over time helps you understand the evolution of your attack surface.
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Protecting & Securing
Digital Reputation

Are you trying to maintain PCI, DSS, GDPR, FEDRamp, CIS, NIST compliance?
Maybe you are looking to certify your environments for Insurance purposes?
We help with that, get started today!
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Why Enterprise Offensive Security?

Continuous AI-Assisted Penetration Testing

From the moment you agree to our terms we start our AI-Assisted approach to network penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

Threat Actors evolve monthly Shouldn't Your Security?

Weekly emerging threats can be overwhelming to defend! Our ‘in the know’ and latest tools and techniques enables your defenders to encounter these TTPs before a real incident.

Potential lateral movement around your network could be devastating!

We utilize each opportunity to do Internal Penetration Testing. This method allows us on your network for us to simulate a breach in progress. Allowing you to ensure all endpoints internally are hardened.

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Vulnerability Assessments vs a Penetration Test?

We provide a white paper with the key differences between these tests and guide you how to choose between our offerings.


Web Application Testing

Testing for XSS, SQLi, WAF Bypass, CSRF, Local and Remote Code Execution.

Vulnerability Assessments

Testing for Server Misconfiguration, Cloud Network Misconfiguration, Unauthenticated network scans, Authenticated network scans, Static and Dynamic Code scanning, Dependency scanning and Threat Modeling.

Fast Engagements

Time is critical! We take into account that attackers are enumerating your systems for holes right now and work expeditiously to give you a report with an action plan.

External Network Penetration Testing

We perform from multiple networks; WAN attacks along with External Port Scanning and External Host Identification and Exploitation. *Network size: cost changes based on size.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

We test from within your perimeter; LAN ATTACKS and all of the potential SaaS trust boundaries. Once on the network, we test the level of hardening, finding printer misconfigurations and VLAN Hopping. *Network size: cost changes based on size.

Controlled Engagements

Direct control of your testers and their focus is critical. If there is not in-house team, we can fill the staffing gap for your business.

Emerging TTPs

Our engineers find Oday bugs and developing exploits as PoC for various vendors and platforms. This expertise allows us to find the holes and make a plan and take the necessary measures before a real APT leverages.

Defend and Detect

Our detailed report defines the incident, defines a response plan and defines signatures for Threat Hunting.